Summer 2018

My dearest friend Marijn got married to her dearest friend Hans. If I could take photos? Well. My first reaction was: no. Because I don’t want to be at work for the coming weddings of all my friends, because who else is going to drink all that champagne then?But long story short. I started taking the photos (until the champagne, then Hannah took over). Whether it was nice and crazy? Against all traditions? Rebellious? Weird? No. It had to be nice pictures and preferably also a bit traditional.

There you are as a rebellious antagonistic photography student. But. To know what is ugly, you also have to be able to photograph beautifully?

In any case, I thought it was really fun to do in the end, especially because I was allowed to be there everywhere! From driving away from the parental home to picking up the groom and the tears.

And it also gave me the idea of ​​”no more clichés”. “But Tessa, don’t you really get caught up in this story yourself?”

Well. Not everything happened for a reason, but this story does. And why can I inform you soon and it is a good one!

Anyway! Marijn & Hans you are fantastic and your son is going to be! (and the other 2 are already)