True meaning of freedom

As I was looking for the true meaning of freedom I realized I can only tell my own meaning. Therefore, I got curious about what freedom means for others and how, for instance, culture, education and different sexes influence it.

The moment in my life when I felt the freest was when, during the day, I jumped into the ocean at Byron Bay completely naked without being judged by the people on the beach.

Byron Bay is a small town 6 hours from Sydney where the hippie culture is still alive and people truly feel free. I arrived there with the plan to stay for a few days but I ended up staying for 5 months. I have met so many people from different cultures and parts of the world who all shared their story. This made me realize how good life is in the Netherlands but also that we can still learn so much from other cultures such as to stop whine about everything and take some more time to enjoy life.

I think it is really important to learn from other people and other cultures and open our boundaries to respect each other without harming one and other.

For me being free means that I can act however I like without being judged by others. But that would be too easy. It is also the freedom to share your opinion, dress as you want, set free from the different sexes, travel the world, being able to choose not to live the ordinary civilian life and, most off all, to not be forced into any religion.

As for one of the persons I interview told me, even if your religion fits your perception of the world it still tends to force you to judge the people don’t fit into those boundaries.  

This is what I discovered so far but my journey to the true meaning of freedom isn’t over yet, and neither is my attempt to get realization and freedom all over the world.


Tessa de Geus 2017